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Calling for the Others II

Environment Nordic Symposium takes places on the island Vartiosaari in Helsinki. Mari Keski-Korsu and myself are organising part two "Calling for the Others" in collaboration with the Finnish Musician Veera Voima August 27th.

Calling for the Others II

Veera Voima studied singing at Sibelius Academy of Music and she is an expert in Finnish cattle calling.
Parts of the workshop session will be recorded and composed into a sound art work that can be heard in Arts in the Environment Nordic Symposium exhibition in Vartiosaari until beginning of October.

Time, place and arriving
27.8. 2017 at 11.30 – 14
We start the workshop from Vartiosaari pier at 11:30 and move around the island during the session. To arrive to Vartiosaari, take the ferry boat from Laajasalo side at 10:40.


Calling for the Others I

Communication with nonhumans is on the agenda for this project. Together with Mari Keski-Korsu (Helsinki) we arrange two sessions on June 28th and July 1st at Agricultura in Malmö "Calling for the others". Kulning (traditional cattle calling) experts Anna Elwing and Helle Thun are joining and supporting us.


Randomness as a ReSource

From September 29th to Oktober 2nd RIXC Art-Science-Conference„Open Fields“ takes place in Riga. I will give a talk about my version of using Monte-Carlo-Method as a tool for landscape-observation on the basis of data captured by a Geiger-counter.

Randomness as a ReSource

„Randomness as a ReSource“ is part of my PhD-thesis to document and explore  the impacts of Uranium mining by Soviet nuclear industry in East-Germany. Radioactive decay, usually known to cause mutagenous and cancerogenous processes - here is used to generate purely random locations, times and durations – patterns for the landscape-observations, that I perform. The application was created in collaboration and by Quantum physicist Dr. Stefanos Kourtis.

My participation in this conference is kindly support by IPID4all-project of Bauhaus-University Weimar.


Singing Länsiväylä

PIXELACHE-festival happens this year under the theme „Interfaces for Empathy“ - I will hold a workshop September 23th from 1-4 pm including sound-walks, listening-exercises and singing together a the power-station nearby and the motorway Länsiväylä.

Singing Länsiväylä

The whole event takes part around the former Lapinlahti-hospital. A great and inspiring venue – and the program sounds promising. All events are for free!



The results from two actions in the project „Landschaftslichter“ (landscape candle lights) with school kids can be seen in the exhibition „mittendrin“ March 20th - April 10th 2016 in cooperation with Kunsthaus Dresden and KlimaKunstSchule.


Scholars of 46. Oberschule Dresden and Gymnasium Bürgerwiese produced almost two dozends of contemporary candle arches in FabLab Dresden - Rosenwerk - thanks for this kind support! A projekt refleting the use of ressources and perception of local environments.


Waters of Deep Ground

Prof. Christian Wolkersdorfer, Lehrstuhl für Lehrstuhl for Mine Water Management at Tshwane University Pretoria has invited me to South Africa, because the artistic approach of my dissertation „Folgelandschaft“ seems interesting to him.


We visit several Post-mining-sites in South Africa. As announced through the subtitle „Mine Water and Emotions“ we interview local stakeholders not only their knowledge on facts, but to explore how they relate the special matter of „mine water“. Similar to the area of Gera/Ronneburg Post-gold-mining-sites along Witwaters Rand expose significant amounts of Uranium to the water cyle.


„...“ (swarm of sound)

Spontaneous improvisation by singing - exercising rules of self-organisation with about 15 voices. Performed during opening of "Holy Independent Space" at Midsummer-Night, June 2015 in geh8 Dresden. Initated by Grit Ruhland and Walburga Walde.

„...“ (swarm of sound)

A collage of texts and guidelines serves as notation for selforganisation - helping to form a swarm of sound with this uncurated, temporary community. Special thanks to Nilsson Samuelsson, Robert Thiele, André Obermüller & Kristina Krömer.



A vocal Improvisation with local people living next to the highway Autobahn A14 in Prösitz (Leipzig) - Artistic Sound Intervention by Walburga Walde and Grit Ruhland for "Noise Awareness Day", April 29th 2015 - supported by Ute Hartwig-Schulz and all singers


A group of people improvises spontaneously and by simple rules - reacting to the sound environment of fossil mobility. Please click here for some impression:


minimale 2

I like creating very small objects! Cora Piantoni knew that and invited me to a show on this topic in Luzern (Switzerland). I sent an object based on my recent research - called "Wilde Jagd". The show runs from 13 December 2014 - 24 January 2015.

minimale 2

Opening: 13th of December
Place: Alpineum, Hirschmattstrasse 30a, 6003 Luzern

Opening hours: Do/Fr 16 - 19 Uhr, Sa 11 - 16 Uhr


In Brazil with DAAD

Bauhaus Universität Weimar collaborates with UfMG in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) specifically with MOM at Faculty of Architecture and Prof. Ana Paula Baltazar.  

In Brazil with DAAD

Together with Marie-Luise Birkholz and Simona Grüter-Birgaoanu we held a seminar at UfMG Belo Horizonte in the end of November. Thanks Probral for the opportunity of cultural exchange for new contacts and inspiration in Brazil!



With the subtitle: Art on Landscapes and Resources in Northern Sweden and Lusatia. Finally a show only on contemporay artistic practise on mining! My newest artistic research can be seen there.


Opening: 22th of November
Place: Kunsthaus Dresden, Rähnitzgasse 8, 01099 Dresden

Various actions will accompany this show. I will add a talk during symposium in march 2015 and a radio-show in February. Please have a look on the website!


Inter-Format Symposium NAC Nida 2014

On Flux of sand and Aquatic Eco Systems - takes place in May 2014 with the topics of Techno-Ecologies Residency - again at beautiful seaside of Lithuanian Baltic Sea. Brilliant interesting people involved!

Inter-Format Symposium NAC Nida 2014

time: May 22-25th
place: Nida Art Colony, Nida Lithuania



In collaboration with openstreetmap-activist Tomas Straupis we will hold a mapping-party at and around Nida Art Colony from May 9-11 at Curonian Spit. You are welcome to join!


We will talk about how to record data in the field, collect them and how to feed openstreetmap.org and indexmap.org. People participating in the workshop can stay in the colony for these days. Please register by sending a brief message to info(-at-)indexmap.org


PhD "Folgelandschaft"

Starting october 2013, I signed up for PhD-studies at Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar on the topic: changes of the landscape around Gera/Ronneburg under the influence of Uranium Mining.

Promotion Folgelandschaft

Supporting mentors of this research-project are Prof. Liz Bachhuber, as expert for Public Art and Max Welch Guerra, from the Institute of European Urbanism, chair for Spatial-planning.

survey of space – landing esc

esc has been moving to a new place - and there will be a bigger opening ceremony, where I take part with an action called „Persecture #0: Raumuntersuchung – Landung esc” (survey of space – landing esc)

Landung esc

time: September 12 at 7 pm
place: Palais Trauttmansdorff, Bürgergasse 5, 8010 Graz


Folgelandschaft IV

The Mechterstädter Mundartverein (association of folkore and dialect) invited me to show my installation about the former Uranium-mining area as part of "Tag des Offenen Denkmals" (day of the open heritage site)

Folgelandschaft IV

The topic of the year is "Unbequeme Denkmale" (uncomfortable monuments). One part of the installation will be a place to collect stories from the house.

Time: September 8 2013
Place: Edelhof Mechterstädt (near Gotha)

Linien/Lines at Kunsthaus Dresden

The documentation of the action "songline I (mrx)" of will be shown during the exhibition "Linien/Lines" of Kunsthaus Dresden. It lasts vom September 8 until Novemer 3 with an interesting, dense program.

Index Map - published

With support of Nida Art Colony the project INDEXMAP.Org came into life. For the next three years, all kinds of (missing) maps will be collected in the area of Curonian Spit.


Most geo-data bases on opensource project openstreetmap.org or are self collected and uploaded. Everyone can contribute via uploading images, texts, kml or gpx-files and/or to write an email to info(at)indexmap.org

My special contribution is a collection of sitespecific songs, that I linked to the map of Neringa.


D0nnerstag - "brig"

The Dresden based organisation D0nnerstag released it's first Compilation under the title "Kaleidoskop". My sound-piece "brig", made in 2011 at a Swiss trainstation is part of it:


NIDA ART COLONY - index map

In a most beautiful surrounding, I am about to start my projekt "index-map", during Techno-Ecolgies-Residency at the summer capital of the artschool in Vilnius in Nida - a small sea-side town in the Curonian Spit, located at the Lithuanian Baltic Sea.

index map

For the first time, I combine the observation of landscape with actual mapping. Collected (gps-)data will be uploaded and published in awordpress-blog and the open-source, free open-street-maps-project. Interested people are welcome at any time - meetings will be published at the upcoming blog.


MUTESOUND - auto-poesis

CD #16, out now! Including my piece auto-poesis. Pedro Bericat runs this small Label, producing CDs, each containing a dozend of 1-min-pieces around the keywords printed on the label. In his project, he does not only invite other Mail-Artists to participate, but is open to everyone to create a new network across the world.


In may 2012, surprisingly I recieved a very colourful post-card made of plastic with loads of labels on it, inviting me to send a 1-min-piece. During my residency in Salzamt, I finally managed to produce a small site-specific piece, inspired by the sound-scape in front of my studio window ...


Water Wheel - Master's Spring

March 22 happens to be World Water Day. Water Wheel, an online platform invited artists, scientists and others to contribute their topic to an international day-long conference (low carb-online meeting).

Water Wheel

In the conference section 'New Technologies & Water Governance', I hold a small lecture "Master's Spring (Herrenquelle)" about the former Uranium mining area, I am now living in. Water is certainly one of the most challing topics in the resilience of this landscape.


FOLGELANDSCHAFT III - to be seen at AundV

The third version of Folgelandschaft, presented during LINDENOW#8 in Leipzig, containing videos, interviews, papers and reproductions of drawings - will be even more fractured and fragemented then before.


A completely new component of this exhibtion is a collection of maps from the area around Ronneburg through past centuries. Also, there will be a performative lecture containg fieldrecodrings, sound-fragments and other texts.


At Salzamt

Between August and Oktober, I will reside in Künstlerhaus Salzamt in Linz; developing ideas, projects and other artworks. I will get to know the city, local artists, cultural initiatives and other people (quote from my application)


Nichts (nothing) started

In the upcoming month a series of events will happening around the isssue of "nichts" in Dresden - there will be an international movie-night at geh8 plus a guided tour around the quarter of Dresden Pieschen - various guests will speak, play and sing on the topic from their professions as artists, musicians, philosophers, urban planners, physicists ...


On the egde

GRUENREKORDER a Sound-Art and Fieldrecording-label based in Frankfurt have published their 100. Release under the title 'On the edge'. I am part of the collection with the piece 'Erntelied'.


Quantum Gallery

I will spend this spring 2012 within the Arts/Science Residency at the National University of Singapore at the Center for Quantum Technologies, to set up a "cabinet of curiousities". I am excited how it will work.


Singing Self-Organisation

A crowd of people is singing – without a given melody or rhythm, just with some key rules. A collective sound will evolve, those being part of it will be audience and choir at the same time.


Singing Self-Organisation

"Singing Self-Organisation" will be the world premiere of such a kind of experiment on 3 February 2012 at 19:00 at the ALTANA Galerie (Helmholtzstraße 9, Dresden). It is the finissage event which officially closes the exhibition "terra incognita".

Sound artist Ulrike Sowodniok from Berlin and Grit Ruhland from Dresden have developed the project together with the ALTANA Galerie Dresden and the MPI-CBG. You do not need any skills to be part of the experiment - just be open.


possiblity grid

Agnese Trocchi (I), Vadim Fishkin (SLO/RUS), Time Inventors' Kabinet (A) and I will be in this show curated by esc-im-labor for Steirischer Herbst 2011 Sept 24 - Oct 16. My part will be to sketch the formatedness of the “Followup-Landscape2” 2010/2011 of the Ex.Uranium-mining area in Germany (Thuringia) with drawings, miniature videos and soundscapes;

possiblity grid

Freedom exists in the moment, before a decision is taken. In the moment of the decision, the options are chosen and a series of consequences follows out of them; lines along which (a) history develops. (Alfred Andersch, Cherries of Freedom, 1952).
Out of the many possibilities, one is chosen – what happens with the rest? (Pascal Mercier, nighttrain to Lisboa, 2004).
And the possibilities that we perceive, depend on what we can recognize and therefore also acknowledge, and in consequence can feel empathy with. (Judith Butler, Frames of War, 2010).

Möglichkeitsraster / possibility grid
Koproduktion steirischer herbst 2011
in Kooperation mit musikprotokoll 2011

Opening: Saturday, September 24th
Duration: until October 16th 2011

with: Agnese Trocchi (I), Grit Ruhland (D), Vadim Fishkin (SLO/RUS), Time Inventors' Kabinet (A).



Pantoffel für Pantoffeltierchen will be going to NYC from Sept 12 - Oct 22! James Gallery is hosting this show curated by Katherine Behar and Emmy Mikelson. The exhibition will provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange between art, architecture, philosophy, political science and neuroscience.


The exhibition looks at artworks that share the concerns of Speculative Realism or Object-Oriented Ontology, specifically the concept of non-anthropocentrism. They are chronicling how artists use thingness to eschew the human subject's privilege. The works range from nano art to installation, and span from Minimalism and Body Art from the 1970s, to contemporary positions. Some explore relationships between objects, cutting the human subject out of the loop. Others dismember the anthro position to create a distributed subject, rendered as an object amongst objects, ultimately providing a critique of the subject/object hierarchy.
(Text by katherine behar)

September 12 - October 22, 2011

And Another Thing
Co-curated by Katherine Behar and Emmy Mikelson
September 14 - October 29, 2011

The James Gallery
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York City, NY



Paradigmi is a German-Italian group-show that explores ways of seeing in models, displays and artistic collections. Location of this event in geh8 in Dresden - my new studio-space.


opening: August 16th 2011 / 7 pm

open from August 27 to September 2011
opening hours: Fr. – Su. 4 – 8 pm and on demand


songline I (mrx)

The (U-Bahn-)Sound-Choir performed within the Artfestival "48-h-Neukoelln". About 20 people sung, made sounds and hisses from three levels in the Karl-Marx-Strasse in Berlin. Traffic noise plus songs and sound were THE main topics!



Some artists from geh8 (including myself) are hiking to Italy - for a workshop in C.A.R.S., Omegna. We will be going to produce a show from the so-titled workshop. C.A.R.S. is an Artist-run space - related to M.A.R.S. (Milano) - date: May 13 - June 2011


To learn more about it, please have a look at their website:


"Made in Prohlis"

Invited to the University of Neighborhoods (Hamburg) - the Mail-Art-Project within "Made in ... lokale Praktiken urbaner Produktion" (Made in ... local practise of urban production).

To make an impression - how about Prohlis?

The art center IDEE 01239 e.V. calls for impressions via postcard, in collaboration with me. Main focus is the dresden district PROHLIS. We are looking for drawings, fotos, collages as much as words, types and stories!



Every-one is invited to take part in this Mail-Art-Action! People from Prohlis and abroad, Artists as much as Non-Artists - there is no exclusion, no preferential treatment! All declining postcards will be exhibited in a show, inside the local super-market "ProhlisZentrum". Special: Visitors of this show are allowed to take the the exhibited copies, complete them and "set them free" - in Mail-Art-Tradition.

show: february 1st - 5th, 9 am. – 8 pm.
opening: january 31th,  4 - 8 pm.
finissage: february 5th 3 - 6 pm.

During january there will be open workshops across various places in the discrict. Christine Schiewe (artist), Grit Koalick (architect), Roman Israel (author), Manuela Stein (personal trainer) und Grit Ruhland (artist) will introduce their artistic and creative approaches in public actions. They will develop images and texts together with all interested people showing up!
So welcome, everyone, to these days:

January 13th - ProhlisZentrum, Prohliser Allee 10, 4 - 8 pm
January 17th - Bibliothek Prohlis, Gatehouse at Jakob Winter Platz, Prohliser Allee 10, 3 - 6 pm
January 18th - Art Center IDEE 01239 e.V., Gamigstr. 26, 5 - 8 pm
January 22th - Kebabhaus & Sportcafe, Prohliser Allee 10, 4 - 8 pm
January 26th - ProhlisZentrum, Prohliser Allee 10, 3 - 6 pm


images et mirages

Slipper for slipper animalcules can be seen for real - from december 8th to 16th 2010 during the exhibtion "images et mirages@nanosiecnces", La Fabrique Culturelle (CIAM), Toulouse. Also, I'll give a speech about my artistic approach during the conference of the show.

images et mirages

The conference and exhibtion about images and mirages in nanosciences will be hold from december 8th - 16th 2010 and take place in La Fabrique Culturelle (CIAM), Toulouse. The dicussion will include philosophers, scientists and artists.


esc - Constructions of Reality

I follow Reni Hofmuellers invitation to the esc-gallery in Graz (Austria) from September 27 to 28, 2010 discussing about artistic and scientific working methods and approaches. We have two days of exchanging this knowledge among other present European artists and scientists from different fields.


September 28 3:30 - 6 a.m.
September 29 3:30 - 6 a.m.

A - 8010 Graz,
Jakoministrasse 16
00 43 - 316 - 836 000


LINDA becomes 5!

Birthday-Show (and good-bye to the old space) of this Artist-run gallery on September 10 to 12th 2010 in Hamburg St- Pauli.

With about 70 international artists!


Vernissage: friday, september 10  8 pm.

10., 11. and 12. September 2010

Galerie LINDA
Hamburg St. Pauli


Metro-Sound-Choir starts

BVG staff and Underground passengers participating in the Sound Choir will work on the perception, reprocessing and interpretation of sounds on the Underground. In collaboration with the artist and a musician, the choir will perform interpretations, pieces, canons and gestures live in station entrances.


Participants welcome!

Write to geraeusch-chor(at)web.de - Final presentation: October 2010

Sound sampels and more at the Geräusch Chor - BLOG


SONDERPOSTEN - graduate show

From 23th to 30th of July a dozen art-pedadogy students are inviting the public into a former packet service in Dresden Neustadt. By the name SONDERPOSTEN they are going to show their objects resulted from the sculpture-course I was in charge for.


place: Post - Königsbrücker Str. 21, Dresden Neustadt
opening: Friday, 23th of July at 7 pm

show: 24th to 30th of July
Sa, Su 2 - 8 pm
We-Fr 5 - 8 pm


Underground-Noise-Choir - Preview!

Within the next weeks it's going to happen: the Underground-Noise-Choir starts for "U 10 - from here to the imaginary and back again"! On 29th of June at 6 pm Ulrike Sowodniok and myself guide a public sound walk as preview! Attendance free, registration:


urban/landscape -  positions between culture and nature

urban / landscape takes place with five different artists, that are dealing with the title topic in various ways: the dualism of native and man-made scapes. In different media.

Urban Landscape

Opening.  Friday, 23th of April at 7 pm
show: 24th of April to 2nd of May
Fr-Su from 2 to 7 pm

Galerie LINDA,
Hein-Hoyer-Str. 13
20359 Hamburg St. Pauli

The exhibition involves various media: from painting and drawing to installation and video. It deals with places from Hamburg St. Pauli over eastern german cultural landscapes to Australien urbanism.

I show sound compositions in combination with pencil drawings. My issue is the concept of rural landscapes in relation to industrial agriculture, mining and traffic and their impacts.  


Michaela Gleave (Sydney) - Object + Video
Benno Hinkes (Berlin/London) - Installation
IRIS-A-MAZ (Hamburg) – Videoinstallation
Wilhelm Neusser (Cologne) – Painting + Object
Grit Ruhland (Dresden) – Drawing + Sound


From the art of nanometer to Nanoart - Who can exploit the invisible nature ?

I am invited to a European workshop - speaking about my apporaches and experiences in doing small-scale objects.

On Thursday, November 19, 2009, at 9 am, a day of meetings, exchanges and debates between artists, art critics and scholars on the theme of nanoscience will be held on the site of Campus Curie Ulm (11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005, Paris).


U 10 - from here to the imaginary and back again

On Thursday, 15th October 2009 in Schlossstrasse Underground Station (U9), Berlin will happen the OPENING of the NGBK public art project on the BVG Berlin Underground network.

U 10 presents the Berlin Underground network as a parallel underground world ...

Routine yet full of secrets, the Underground acts as a mirror of Berlin's history and as a seismograph of the city's current feel.

I will be joining this project in spring 2010 with an Underground-Noise-Choir, an open group practising artistic research on soundscapes in the BVG-net in Berlin - in public rehearsals.

Entities of research might be mostly traffic sounds, announces, steps, squezzing of brakes, buzzing of ticket machines ... How to react? Singing together? Imitating? Improvising? Composing?

Please contact me, if you are interested in this project!!! It doesn't have to be an a-capella-choir - with someone wants to bring an instruments - thats fine as well!

U10 - from here to the imaginary and back again is an NGBK Berlin project, initiated and run by Sofia Bempeza, Ania Corcilius, Jacopo Gallico, Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page. U10 is funded by the Senatskanzlei - Kulturelle Angelegenheiten / Kunst im Stadtraum and supported by BVG and the Berliner Fenster.



Symposium about Self-organisation in international comparison

During 24 - 26th of september 09, people from various scientific, artistic and cultural fields will discuss and exchange about the phenomenon: Self-organisation - in Dresden

Together with a bunch of Dresden artists/architects we came up with the idea to organize a symposium about selforganization within contemporary artists and art-spaces. Sharing several commons – as our residence Dresden, our activities in self-organized art-spaces and their interest in an interdisciplinary exchange about the phenomenon of „self-organization“ - we, means Paul Elsner and Nilsson Samuelsson (artist run space and studio community geh8) and myself (jointly responsible for the former so-called 7th floor) developed the concept for the symposium “OUR HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE” and therefore to invite theorists as well as artists to report about their experiences in this issue and to discuss conditions, developments and improvements.

The aim is to find out more about this key word, this leitmotif circulating through various disciplines and vital spaces of the 21stcentury. By entering into mutual dialogue, the main question will be how
similar or different „self-organization“ can work or fail in the art scene as well as in other fields of work and research.

The symposium is for free, public and welcomes all interested guests: Our House is your house!

You will find the program at the geh8-website.


MAK nite

Loving the Alien *
Budapest – Dresden – Lodz – Warszawa – Wien – Wroclaw


11th of september at 8 p.m. ... einabendakrobatik-soundperformance::: transducer:::

A quartett of four sculptors will "scan" the city-scape by some new-developed-electro-acoustic instruments. Transducing urban textures into sound! Into four channels.

Transducer will be facilited by MAK nite. During 11th and 12th of september 09 this famous series of actions hosted by MUSEUM FUER ANGEWANDTE KUNST WIEN is going eastern europe by "Loving the Alien *", and therefore has its guest performance in Dresden.

* An event by MAK Wien in cooperation with Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna Warszawa, Galerie Entropia Wroclaw, Academy of Fine Arts Lodz, Impex Budapest and riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden.


HÖRSAAL (auditorium

On Thursday 12th of may its going to happen: My first self-organized seminar will be finished with a small exhibition - opening at 19:30 p.m. It is called "Soundseminar", but actually was a noiseseminar ...

there are taking part:

Traffic sounds imitated by household-items, computergenerated soundscapes, a dolby-surround-installation of a recording from a skate-park, microsounds from pets in their houses, a composition made of pause-sounds from a record and an image/sound exploration of four different spots in Wuppertal in different times of a day, seasons and moments ...

This event occured in cooperation with Christian Kleinhenrich, assistent at the chair for electro-acoustics, BUW

Exhibition: 13th - 15th of may 2009
open: wednesday & friday, 11-15 pm
Thursday, 11-15 and 17-20 pm

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Pauluskirchstr. 7, (Unterbarmen)
(monorail: Landgericht)
Campus Haspel,
Fachbereich Architektur,
Alte Bibliothek


.. in Mexico. Centro de las Artes in Guanujuato is hosting our small international group-show. Curated by Berta Jayo.

From february 27 - march 27 this exhibition can be seen at

Revolucion 204,
Salamanca, Gto.


Now for something quite different; At this moment I am coming back from the post office - having sent a packet to the US, containing drawings and texts for an exhibition in Miami! From 14 to 28 feb. 09

Berta Jayo, which I got know during our Residency-program at 7th floor, has been initiating and organising an exhibition called "FIFTEEN" in the gallery EDGE ZONES. As you can tell by the name, fifteen artists take part with their works.

Opening: 13th of february
open: 14 - 28 feb. 09

Edge Zones
47NE 25th St.
Miami, FL 33127


art swap europe

The Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK) invites European artist associations and networks to an open forum for presentations and a workshop in the Akademie der Künste, Berlin on 11 and 12 October 2008.

Not only 7. Stock is a reason for me to travel to Berlin for this event. Also Michael Stellmacher and me will introduce present our interview-series we started during ON CALL last year. At the minute we asked 12 initiatives from Belfast, Budapest and Dresden to answer our questions. Durimg the whole weekend, the interviews will be

Furthermore we will also moderate a introduction and best-practice round on sunday the 11th october at 11.45 am

Akademie der Künste,
Hanseatenweg 10,
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten



CamouFlash goes Poland (again)! A selection of works from the Dresden-Show is going to be presented in the frame of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art MEDIATIONS in Poznan, during 3-30th October 2008.


The opening will be an Saturday 4th October at 12.30 in the The Old Printer - Zwierzyniecka Street no 3, POZNAN (Poland)


Anna Adamczyk, Christian Aschman, Janusz Baldyga, Olga Bergmann, Martin Brazina, Sarah Browne & Gareth Kennedy, Henrik Busch, Carlos Alberto Carrilho, Agnieszka Chojnacka, Charlie Citron, Stephen Cornford, Disorientalism, Shige Fujishiro & Sven Giessmann, Karolina Glusiec, Kristaps Gulbis, Shilpa Gupta, Soazic Guezennec, Tobias Hantmann, Eytan Heller, Jessica Higgins, Tatsuya Higuchi, Gabriele Horndasch, Eric Van Hove, Markus Huemer, Allan Hughes, Bernd Imminger, Anna Klimczak, Adam Klimczak, Erika Knerr, Patricia Lippert, Krzysztof , Lukomski, Christine Mackey, Anna MacLeod, Cristina Maldonado, Tomasz Matuszak, Nadja Verena Marcin, Pia Müller, Marina Naprushkina, Aisling O´Beirn, Lukasz Ogórek, Mariusz Olszewski, Arianne Olthaar, Susana Pedrosa, Wiktor Polak, Ewa Szczyrek-Potocka, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT, Grit Ruhland, Andreas Sachsenmaier, Mariusz Soltysik, Suzy Surek, Aki Tarr, Richard Thomas, Elzbieta Wysakowska – Walters, Miyuki Yokomizo

Curators The CamouFLASHed MEDIATIONS:
Aurelia Mandziuk and Mariusz Soltysik (idea)

Ronald Dofing

Curator of The CamouFLASH - Das Verschwinden in Der Kunst (Disappearing in Art)
Anja Tabitha Rudolph

Philip Weidler, Annett Gerlach (Cinema)


soundrawing -- drawingsound

elffriede.interdisciplinary drawing systems invite to: soundrawing -- drawingsound -or what could be a drawing project under pressure welcome! research! collaborate!

what happens if sound and drawing communicate? (do sound and drawing communicate? or is it just a projection?) and why do artists always have to research everything, like walking through the woods searching for mushrooms, or reflecting upon if it is better rather to listen to a drawing then seeing it...

an interdisciplinary intervention and crossover by elffriede (vienna / austria), one-month-resident of moks featuring: evelyn müürsepp + john grzinich + siim tiirik (mooste / estonia / moks), grit ruhland + konrad behr (dresden / germany) and patrick mcginley (us / eu)

welcome to a research project of the visual and the accoustic.

besides individual works by elffriede, evelyn müürsepp and john grzinich the exhibition presents collaborative projects that circulate around drawing and sound, such as the ongoing interdisciplinary book-cd-film project /elffriede.soundrawing/ with 43 sound-artists, film and sound projects in riga, a recent workshop in moks, and some other surprises...

16.9. - 27.9. 2008
Y gallery Tartu (Estonia),
Küütri 2,
Galerist Kaisa Eiche



The disappearing in the art. An international group-exhibtion at the former socialist top-gorgeousness shopping-mall of Dresden.

About fifty artists from asia, america and europe will show their works related and curarted to the theme "camouflash".
Me too.

Opening at 29th of August, 8pm

Exhibition: 30th of August - 14th of September

Mo-Fr: 14.00 - 20.00
Sa: 11.00 - 22.00
So: 11.00 - 18.00

Address: Dresden, Mainstation
Prager Straße 2a

A project by Unoactu in cooperation with Mariusz Soltysik and Patio Art Center Lodz.



... means "to work". Exhibition concerning a paper about the living- and working-situation of young artists in Saxony (Germany) organised by the artists association of Saxony (Sächsischer Künstlerbund) 2007/8

with Olaf Amberg, Niko Bekehermes, Susan Donath, Anne Dubber, Thomas Franke, Paul Hofmann, Kerstin Pfefferkorn, Helena Rossner, Alexander Schmidt, Fee Vogler and me


24.10. 2007 - 5.1. 2008 >>> gallery of the regional council (Saxony) Dresden

15. 1. - 18.2. 2008 >>> Entrance of regional council (Saxony) Chemnitz

11.4. - 10.5. 2008 >>> gallery of the artists association of Germany /Leipzig


International Artist in Residence / QSS Belfast

from 26th of october until 2nd of December 2007, I am invited to work in Queen Street Studios in Belfast as an International Artist in Residence

During my Residency I am drawing, recording sounds, writing and talking to people.


Nan°art in Bergamo

The 'slipper for slipper animalcules' has gone on travel - to the country of the masters of shoes, Italy.

The curator Stefano Raimondi has organized an exhibition in the museum "BergamoScienza", which is announced as the first art exhibition showing this invisible art - nano-art. Besides work of Alessandro Scali and Robin Goode my micro sculpture also will be able to be seen there from 1st of October until 21th October 2007.


Being organized

Interviewproject with Michael Stellmacher about the situation of some offspaces in Budapest - for "On Call" (a project of bipolar Bundeskulturstiftung)

We spoke with Hints (Muvészeti Egyesület), KEK (Kortárs Építészeti Közponz), Lumen (Fotómuveszeti Alapítványmit), Shirai and Tüzrakter. In july there it will result a audio artwork broadcasted at 'coloradio' - Dresden free radio station and also at free radio station Budapest - 'tilos' about the upcoming cognitions to this theme. Probably it will be in English.

Parallel to this there will be a small series of events from 6th - 8th of Juli in "7. Stock" Dresden. Two Organziers from the Netlabel 12rec.net will speak about "free music" and alternative distribution channels. After this we' ll get some practical examples. F.i. from the Vienna Folk-Project Tupolev ... . For more informations please visit  www.stock7.de some days before.

For making the whole concept a real base, there will be a speach about "basic income without any conditions". Also in the beginning of july in 7. Stock.

Mikrosculpture 'Pantoffel für Pantoffeltierchen'

20. April - 19 Uhr Opening + Performance at Max Planck Institute for Cellbiology and Genetics
Pfotenhauerstr. 108, 01307 Dresden


With this exhibition (actually, I prefer the word "presentation"), I finish my Residency at Max-Planck-Institut for Cellbiology and Genetics in Dresden. Together with my researchgroup, the Tolic-Lab, I have made an original sized slipper for Parameciums. In German these creatures are called 'Pantoffeltierchen' - translated word by word this means 'slipper animalcules'. These water-living ciliates are in average approx. 50-300 µm long. Regarding that size, they are giants in relation of the unicellular organisms. Their bodyshape resembles a Sole, therefore they have their German name. 'slipper for slipper animalcules' cover 150 x 60 x 60 µm. And yes it is so small, that one hardly does see it.

As it is very well known - the way is the target. The more at this work. The MPI-CBG Art Prize gave me the possibility of sharing a small piece of the research routine from scientists. Mine I have documented in a work diary. Actually, it is a mix from logbook and diary. Over this and the last year, I have regularly written about my art and life. Since this February I published the texts in a communication-installation for the employees of the institute. Actually, it became now a heavy tome. Two books lie on a table. Two chairs are right at it. Beside is a flyer board with information about activities happening around me. The books and the whole Installation will be
accessible in the MPI until the end of the exhibition.

I am, very pleased that Elffriede, Jenny Krist and Andreas will come from Vienna, Hamburg and Budapest to perform passages from my blog book on this opening. This lecture will be unique.